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Better sleep with Dreamsville!

We talked with Jevgeni Pärg and Ottomar Tamm from Dreamsville. This time the topic was something we all can relate to - sleep. We discussed why sleep matters and how can one improve it. They also told us about their fundamental decision to use environmentally friendly materials for their products and how Dreamsville's journey in the world of sleep has evolved as well as what are the plans for the future.

Limitless supported Dreamsville with revenue-based impact financing in March 2021 to help them continue product development and expand to new markets so that more people could have better quality sleep with lower negative impact to the environment.

Weighted blankets by Dreamsville
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ALPA Kids - an Estonian edtech where product is designed by children themselves

We talked with Kelly Lilles, the CEO and co-founder of the edtech startup ALPA Kids.
Kelly told us about the problem they are solving with ALPA Kids, why she and her team decided to solve problems in the field of education, how has corona affected the startup, what will happen with education in the next 5-10 years and what is her stake on
Sustainable Development Goals.

Limitless mentors ALPA Kids and is their devoted fan as their team has some mad problem
solving skills and enviable drive building something that matters. To give you an example: they recently managed to build a working solution for personalized education that is tracking the child’s progress and making content suggestions based on the behaviour of the user at the Base Camp 72-hour
online hackathon which they also won. Worth to mention that they made corona tests prior bringing together their team to ensure the safety and effectively hacked away! There are no problems hard enough for ALPA Kids team to solve - they are simply limitless.

Source: ALPA Kids

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Stories for Impact

This time we talked with Jaan Aps, the CEO of Stories for Impact about how to make impact measurement and reporting as common for companies as financial reporting is. Any company influences its employees, supply chain, community and natural environment it operates in. These impacts can and should be measured as well as managed. Jaan shared what is the problem they are solving, why now is the perfect time to work on it, how has the corona crisis affected the startup and what will be the future of impact measurement.

Limitless is working closely with Jaan Aps and Stories for Impact to identify the best impact Key Performance Indicators (KPI-s) and set up good measurement practices for our pipeline and portfolio companies.

                                    Stories for Impact team
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Dermtest is streamlining medical photo management

We talked with Priit Kruus, the CEO of Dermtest about the story of building up a digital health startup. Priit explained what is the problem they are solving with Dermtest, what is the story behind his decision to become a co-founder, how has the corona crisis affected the startup, what will happen with the healthcare sector in the next couple of years and what he thinks about Sustainable Development Goals.

Limitless supported Dermtest with a revenue-based impact financing in March 2020 to help them quickly build an additional feature called Dermtest Telehealth for their medical photo management toolbox in order to enable contactless care solutions for patients.

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