We invest through unique revenue-share model to Nordic & CEE founders to create 100x proven positive impact.

 Why do we do it?

Because the hard problems need solving now. We have climate crisis, aging population and our education system is 200 years old. Just to mention a few.

There is a funding gap between to-be-unicorns and companies with slower growth rate but massive positive impact potential for environment and society.

How do we do it?

We use revenue-share (RS) model where founders pay back their investors a fixed % (3-5%) of revenue until they reach the level agreed in advance.
We don’t take equity. Founders keep their company and their mission. 
Our companies need to prove measurable societal impact to qualify for the investment.
Tailored 1:1 mentorship based on the needs of the company.

Bank loanRevenue shareEquity VC
Low interest ratesNo equity dilution or loss of controlUsually provided a large amount of capital
Usually requires a personal guarantee and/or collateral
many startups can’t provide
No personal guarantees or collateralRequires 20-40% equity stake and a board seat
Fixed amount monthly payments Flexible payments based on the monthly revenue-
No mentoring Mentoring and support Many offer mentoring and support

We focus on teams contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Most importantly, you need to have coherent, getting things done team.
We look for Europe-based teams with end users from all around the world.